He was born and lives in Istanbul/Turkey. He had been taking analogue photos since his childhood. Later, he focused on digital photography more intensely. After he finished his first photography education he took part in the various projects and ateliers of photography. In 2020, he graduated from Anadolu University Photography and Videography. He has won more than 1.000 awards in international contests and international photography groups. He has been honoured with the AFIAP (Artiste FIAP) distinction by FIAP. He is selected administrator to 5 international photography groups. Nearly 100 photos of him were exhibited in 20 national and 22  international exhibitions held in Bulgaria (2), Germany, Greece (5), Italy (3), Netherlands, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine (3), United Kingdom (3) and USA. His photos were exhibited at the 6. Antiparos International Photo Festival and at the 3rd Photosphere International Photography Festival in Greece, at the London Photo Festival 2021 in UK and at the 13th & 12th Florence Biennial in Italy at which he won the "Lorenzo il Magnifico" award for photography. He is one of the few Turkish & Portuguese photographers whose work has been exhibited in international art biennials and photography festivals individually. Many works of him are owned by galleries and private art collectors.

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Istanbul University Faculty of Letters English Language and Literature 

Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration Marketing Program 

Fujifilm Istanbul Photography Academy

Anadolu University Photography & Videography

Photographic Distinctions

AFIAP - Artist FIAP - by FIAP Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique  /International Federation of Photographic Art

Administrative Affiliations

Administrator: Traveler Photographer - EFOT - Universal Photography Art - Fototrak – GoodFoto


PSA Photographic Society of America

FIAP Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique/International Federation of Photographic Art

ANAFOD Association/A Member of Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (TFSF)

IFSAK Istanbul Photography and Cinema Society

Special Assignments

2019 International Istanbul  PhotoMaraton Theme Definer


His aim is to create new expressions and approaches in photography. He tries to show a point of view caught at a critical and decisive moment in everyday life. He especially focuses on the architectural lines and graphics in correlation with the living beings around. He also tries to reflect the social life in urban-rural districts.  His fields of work and interest are; architectural photography, street photography, documentary photography, travel photography, stage performances photography, conceptual photography and underwater photography.

Photography & Videography Contest Awards

2021 London Photo Festival "Architecture" Public Vote Winner "Requiem"


12th Florence Biennale Italy “Lorenzo il Magnifico” 2nd Award for Photography

More than 250 Awards & Acceptances in FIAP&PSA&GPU&GAP Patronage International Photography Contests

Nearly 1000 Awards in Various International Photography Contests and in International Photography Groups

Kelebek Newspaper "2001: A Space Odyssey" Film Review Competition 1st Award                                                                                                                                                                        

Exhibitions & Biennials & Photo Festivals

04.2017 “WSIS FORUM 2017” United Nations ITU Building Gallery Geneva/Switzerland

09.2017 15th Istanbul Biennial Parallel Photography Exhibition: “One Heart One Soul: A Neighbour” Museum of 500th Year Gallery Istanbul/Turkey

12.2017 “Reflections From Fototrak's Light” Photography Exhibition/Corlu State Hospital Art Gallery Tekirdag/Turkey

02.2018 “One Heart One Soul: A Neighbour” Photography Exhibition/Edirne Synagogue Cultural Center Edirne/Turkey

07.2018 “The 6th Antiparos International Photo Festival” Castro/Antiparos/Greece

09.2018 “Synopsis Group Art Exhibition” Antiart Gallery Antiparos/Greece

10.2018 “Artrospektif Photography Project Exhibition” Ziraatbank Art Gallery Istanbul/Turkey

10.2018 “Miraculous Reflections” A SoArt Project Collective Art Exhibition – Historical Kethuda Hammam Cultural Center/Ortakoy/Istanbul

12.2018 “Artrospektif Photography Project Exhibition” CKM Caddebostan Cultural Center Istanbul/Turkey

03.2019 “Magnificent Spice Bazaar” Collective Photography Exhibition/Yunus Emre Institute London/UK

03.2019 “Timeless Istanbul” A SoArt Collective Art Exhibition/Hunkar Palace/Istanbul/Turkey 

03.2019 “Istanbul, a World of Culture” Collective Photography Exhibition/The London Islamic Cultural Centre/London/UK

04.2019 ANAFOD Association “6th Year” Group Photography Exhibition/Turkan Saylan Cultural Center/Istanbul/Turkey

05.2019 COFSAT “Connections” Group Photography Exhibition/IFSAK Istanbul Photography and Cinema Society/Turkey

07.2019 Bursa Nilufer Municipality Photography Festival/Bursa/Turkey

07.2019 3rd Photosphere International Photography Festival/Paros/Greece

07-08.2019 3rd Photosphere International Photography Festival/Patmos/Greece

09.2019 IFSAK 60th Year Season Opening Members Group Photography Exhibition/Istanbul/Turkey

10.2019 12th Florence Biennale 2019 – International Biennial of Contemporary Art

11.2019 RE-TOUCH Collective Art Exhibition - Nis Art Gallery/Istanbul/Turkey

11.2019 "Miraculous Reflections" A SoArt Project Collective Art Exhibition - Taksim Cumhuriyet Art Gallery/Istanbul/Turkey

01.2020 "Istanbul Art Exhibition" Berlin Forum Factory/Germany

03.2020 COFSAT "Hidden" Photography Group Exhibition/IFSAK Istanbul Photography & Cinema Society/Turkey

09-10.2020 16th International Triennial Exhibition “Theatre in the Photographic Art” Novi


10-11.2020 "Splendid II" Collective Art Exhibition - Gallery Next/Istanbul/Turkey

11.2020 "Cosmic Motion Revealed" International Art Exhibition/Boris Georgiev City Gallery/   



12.2020 International Paper Works Exhibition "COINCIDENCE" Tadzio Gallery/Kyiv/Ukraine

03.2021 IFSAK Conceptual Photography Project Group Online Exhibition "TRACE" Istanbul/Turkey

04.2021 International Group Exhibition "YESTERDAY TODAY TOMORROW" Gallery Georgi Baev 


05.2021 London Photo Festival 2021 "ARCHITECTURE" Marble Hill House/London/UK 

05.2021 International Group Paper Works Exhibition "REVIVAL" Tadzio Gallery/Kyiv/Ukraine

08.2021 MYNDOS II Group Exhibition Myndos Hotel/Gumusluk/Bodrum/Turkey

08-11.2021 "SEPHARAD" Traces of a Muticultural Heritage Art Exhibition


Yunus Emre Institute/Amsterdam/Netherlands

09.2021 FOTOSEK 11th Year Black & White Photographs/IFSAK/Istanbul/Turkey

09.2021 "CONVIVIO" International Photography Exhibition/Ex Filanda di Modigliana/Italy

09.2021 SEPTEMBER Group Art Exhibition/Atölye 76/Bodrum/Turkey

10.2021 16th ci contemporary istanbul International Modern Art Fair/Istanbul/Turkey

10.2021 13th Florence Biennale / Art & Design - Florence/Italy

10.2021 "CONSPICUOUS INTERACTIONS" International Group Exhibition/National Academy of


Fine Arts and Architecture/Kyiv/Ukraine

11.2021 Istanbul Gallery Week "Mind the Gap!" Galeri Binyıl/Istanbul/Turkey

11.2021 ART_THESSALONIKI International Contemporary Art Fair/Thessaloniki/Greece

Upcoming Exhibitions & Photo Festivals & Biennials

Photobooks & Albums

One Heart One Soul: A Neighbour - The Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews & 15th Istanbul Biennial Neighbour Event 2017

Bountiful Empire & Magnificent Spice Bazaar 2019 Yunus Emre Instıtute London

3rd Photosphere International Open Air Photography Festival 2019

6th Queensland International Digital Circuit 2019

ARS ET INGENIUM 12th Florence Biennale 2019

16th International Triennial Exhibition "Theatre in the Photographic Art" 2020

"TOGETHER" IFSAK 61th Season Opening Photobook 2020

FOTOSEK Colour Photography Album 2020

"Istanbul by Poems" 2021 IFSAK Publications


"SEPHARAD" Traces of a Muticultural Heritage Art Exhibition Photobook

FOTOSEK 11th Year Black & White Photobook 2021


Photography Magazines

PHOTOLINE Magazine December 2021/January 2022

Private & Gallery Collections

“Futuristic” Elise P. Knapp/Art Lover/London/United Kingdom

“Lines & Living Beings” A series of 9/Anti Art Gallery/Antiparos/Greece

“Seeking for a Miracle” Kemal Gulman/Businessman & Art Collector/Istanbul/Turkey

“Rocky Spirit” Gul & Umit Yalcin/Turkish Ambassador/London/UK

“Dome of the Rock” Mehmet Karakus/YEE Gallery Director/London/UK

“Magic Sphere” Turkish Embassy/London/UK 

“Spicy Life” Yunus Emre Institute London/UK                 

“Just the Two of Us” Laurence Paul & Ralph Kandioti/Art Collectors/London/UK

“Goddess Anahit” Mehmet Ongen/Businessman & Art Collector/Istanbul/Turkey

"Footsteps of the Sun" Can Guzey/Interior Architect

"Waterjoy" Rozet Basoglu Aroyo/Art Lover


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